SSH - Safe and Secure Hardware Team


Welcome to the presentation of the group.


The Digital Electronic Systems team research topics are about the architectures and methods to design efficiently digital electronic systems under harsh requirements. The objectives are closely linked to the study of cutting edge techniques which allow electronic designers to meet ever growing constraints of complexity management, reliability, power consumption, speed, security and flexibility. This research is characterized by its strong link to industrials requirements. Hence it tries to study new concepts for future technologies, but also significant improvements to existing products. This is illustrated by the scientific production, which consists not only of publications but also patents directly applicable by industrials and releases of free software.

The research focuses towards three main themes:

  • Architectures with security constraints are dealt in the Trusted computed hardware theme
  • Architectures with a high constraint in dependability are in the theme Analysis and Design of Reliable Processors Based on Unreliable Technologies
  • Architectures with constraints of complexity and power consumption are in the Optimal architectures for complex algorithms implementations theme


The group also contributes to the teachings of Télécom ParisTech, especially in Master degree classes:

  • Embedded System Architecture
  • System-on-Chip
  • Security of Embedded Systems
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