Séminaires du département

Le 22/06/2018 [ComNum PhD seminar] Interference Management in Sectored Cellular Systems for Uplink

Auteur(s) & Affilliation(s) du séminaire :

Gelincik Samet

Présentation du séminaire :

at 2.30pm in A301



The main goal of future cellular communication systems is to handle high data rate requirement of users with a reasonable latency. There are two main limiting factors against the high data rate communication: Fading and interference. While fading reduces the coverage area and reliability of any point-to-point connection, e.g. mobile user to base station (BS), interference puts constraint on reusability of spectral resources (frequency slots, time etc.) in space, hence restricting the overall spectral efficiency expressed in bits/sec/Hz/BS. Joint processing of the signals received by multiple BS’s, which enables the exploitation of correlation between received signals, is one of the methods to reduce the detrimental effect of interference. In this talk, I will present coding schemes that enable the joint processing such that one of them is based on cooperation between BS’s and the other two are based on employment of cloud random access networks (C-RAN). I will also present lower bounds on the achievable degrees of freedom (DoF).

Contact(s) :

Ciblat Philippe

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