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Phd training

Doctoral training is a key ingredient of the research carried out within the Comelec department, all the more as this research is mostly conducted by PhD students under senior researcher supervision. In the course of their thesis, the young researchers heavily contribute to national and international collaborative projects, as well as to the scientific dissemination through communications and publications, of which they are often the 1er author. PhD students are, by far, mostly registered at Ecole Doctorale de l'Informatique et des TElécommunications (EDITE) and they receive a financial support (grant or contract) through various modes, which allows them to carry out their thesis in very good living conditions.

The employment after graduating is quite varied, depending on the professional goals of the young researcher. He can pursue full research by postulating to a post-doctoral position in another institution, enter industry mostly as an R&D engineer or consider finding a university position if he has a motivation for teaching. These alternatives partly depend on the kind of thesis subject and its environment (academic, industrial...) and are relevant both for french and foreign PhD students.

See below some examples of recent PhD thesis defenses subjects*:

* Although french is the nominal language in the department, english is very often used in the daily life of the laboratory, especially for foreign PhD students or Post-Docs in their first year. Writing the thesis manuscript in english is also commonly accepted for foreign students.


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