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GTO - Optical Telecommunications Group


The Optical Communications Group focuses its research and teaching activities on topics related to optical transmission, processing of information and optical networking. Information refers primarily to communication data but also to sensors' inputs.

Teaching activities includes undergrad and master level courses in the field of fundamental physics, optics, optoelectronics and optical communication.

Research activities keep following the fast evolution of this technical domain.  During the mid-2000's, the field of optical communications ran through a huge technical curve related to the co-development of advanced digital communication techniques and associated high-speed digital signal processing electronic devices. This evolution carries strong perspectives for enhancing the data transmission rate in the core network and for applications in access networks. Likewise, pulling the optical fibre all the way toward the end user while providing a significant step in services puts some very strong constraints on the devices' cost and power consumption. During that period, our group built a strong bedrock for embracing these evolutions, leading during the period of the report to a phase of consolidation and exploitation. Indeed, the 2008-2013 period has been characterised by an extended set of national and international interactions as well as a large investment in equipment. Thanks to a state-of-the-art experimental platform for the evaluation of high rate transmission, we designed and developed original assessment procedures and tools for devices and signal characterisation. Following some efficient international experimental collaborations for the demonstration of new concepts developed by the GTO group, state-of-the-art experimental achievements were obtained. On an international ground, belonging to the EURO-FOS network of excellence (, which involved the main European academic research groups in the field, provided a strategic position and a strong incentive for collaborative research.

Thanks to a close vicinity within the same department and within the same institute with research groups specialized in didgital communications and digital electronics our position as an optical communication research group is privileged and probably unique in France.

Our AERES mark (The French Research Evaluation Agency) has been A+ since 2009.

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