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GTO - Education

Master level in Télécom ParisTech

The organisation of the curriculum in TELECOM ParisTech is described in the web pages “enseignement”. It is constituted of:

  • a one-year telecommunication engineering general course (“BCI”) leading to a level of study equivalent to a Bachelors;
  • a two-years master course in engineering based on a large choice of teaching units.

The optical communications group participates at all levels of study and in particular in the:


Le cycle d'harmonisation

  • COM200 : Physics of Telecommunication Systems

Le cycle MASTER

Les parcours

Les unités de base

  • COM220 : Optical Communications
  • COM222 : Communications Systems (Laboratory)

Les unités de spécialisation

  • COM340 : Optical systems
  • COM341 : Optical processing and nanotechnologies

Mastère spécialisé

Life-long education

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