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LabSoC - System on Chip Group


Rabéa Ameur
Ludovic Apvrille
Sophie Coudert
Renaud Pacalet
Tullio Tanzi
Emna Gharbi
Maysam Zoor
Benjamin Dauphin

Welcome on the LabSoC team's web page.

LabSoC is also a part of the Complex digital electronic systems group of LTCI, the Télécom ParisTech Research lab.


Our research activity is about complex integrated and embedded systems, their design, modelling, validation and also their security. We also develop Digital Signal Processors for the Software Defined Radio and their companion Software Design Kits.

  • New methods, techniques, languages and tools for complex integrated and embedded systems. Abstraction, formal methods, ultra-fast simulation, code generation from abstract models.
  • Hardware security, paranoid Systems on a Chip with zero trust in their hardware and software environment. Confidentiality and integrity of off-chip communications and storage.
  • Digital Signal Processors for the Software Defined Radio. Trade-offs between flexibility and energy efficiency. Companion Software Design Kits, high level abstract modelling of waveforms and hardware platforms, automatic generation of control software.


We are giving all our courses in the Real Time and Embedded Systems study track of the EURECOM curriculum where they are either mandatory or optional. Our courses are also offered in the other study tracks, in the Masters of Science and to the EURECOM's industrial partners.

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