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Le 13/09/2018 Secure all your passwords with pass and tomb

Auteur(s) & Affilliation(s) du séminaire :

Pacalet Renaud

Présentation du séminaire :

tomb (Linux only) is a cryptographic utility based on the Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) 
standard and the disk encryption subsystem of Linux kernel (dm-crypt device mapper). 
It can be used to encrypt directories, turning them into binary files. 
It is very well designed and easy to use. pass is a password manager with many interesting 
characteristics. It is open source, does not rely on third party (more or less trustable) 
servers, integrated with git and tomb, supported by Firefox / Chrome... extensions, etc. 
This seminar will briefly present these two tools and how they can be jointly used for 
the highest security of your personal data. Then, we will demonstrate them by installing 
all needed components, generating the keys and use them for real use cases.

Contact(s) :

Pacalet Renaud

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